Tank protection STG 3/6 – base module

Tank protection STG 3/6 against fuel theft



Electronic diesel theft surveillance

The tank protection STG 3/6 prevents diesel theft from lorries and construction machinery by monitoring the fuel level in the tank permanently.

When the level falls below an automatically determined reference value, an alarm is triggered. There are outputs for triggering a horn relay (light signal), and GPS / GSM / telematics.

The tank protection is activated when the vehicle ignition is switched off, and measures the levels in the vehicle tanks at a fixed time interval after a standby period (STG 6: normal measurement function; STG 3: inverted measurement function).

Falling tank level triggers an alarm (horn: 30 sec. interval [statutory maximum period], GSM/telematics: 10 sec. The switching terminal outputs may be used to drive commercially available 12/24 V relays or the direct connection of consumers of less than 1 A output term. 9 and 10 are ground connected.


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